Isle of Man Private Jet Centre

The Private Jet Centre is situated in Ballasalla, on the boundary of the Isle of Man Airport.

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The specialist team executes the private travel arrangements for business leaders, entrepreneurs, humanitarian aid workers and individuals to and from every continent.

All clients receive a very warm welcome when arriving at the stylish executive terminal, which offers luxurious lounge areas, complimentary refreshments, and free WiFi. The Jet Centre also has a spacious boardroom that can be hired for business meetings, one-to-one consultations, or AGMs.

Currently, the Private Jet Company team receives approximately 400 visiting aircraft per year. Clients often have exacting requirements, which are delivered with the utmost care and discretion.

Advertising opportunities at the Private Jet Centre are strictly limited and are sold to appropriate organisations on a first come, first served basis.

For further information and advertising rates, please click the button below.

Isle of Man Private Jet Centre
Advertising Rate Card
  • What contract lengths are available?

    The minimum contract length is set at 26 weeks, ensuring advertisers establish a consistent and impactful presence at the Private Jet Centre. However, our commitment to flexibility allows for the creation of bespoke packages tailored to meet the unique goals of your campaign.

  • Can the advertisement be changed or updated during the contract period?

    Yes, you can change your creatives within your contract period. We will organise any printing and installation for static sites. Digital adverts can be changed with a 24 hour notice period.

  • What are my billing options?

    To complement our range of contract lengths, we offer flexible billing options designed to align seamlessly with your specific needs.

  • How do we supply our ad?

    Upon signing the advertising contract, our team will provide you with detailed advert specifications to guarantee that your creative materials align perfectly with the high standards of the Private Jet Centre.

  • Can you help us produce our ad?

    We offer our clients the opportunity to collaborate with our experienced team in producing high-quality adverts that resonate with the elite audience of the Private Jet Centre. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or are seeking creative guidance, we are here to support you every step of the way.

  • We need to withdraw from our contract, is there a minimum notice period?

    As a general guideline, the usual notice period for making changes to your advertising commitment typically falls within the range of 1 to 3 months.


“The Private Jet Centre offers a unique opportunity to connect with a particularly elusive audience on the Isle of Man. If you are keen to reach out to high-net-worth individuals and position your brand in their environment, the options available at the Private Jet Lounge are certainly worth considering.”

Helen Summerscales

Managing Director
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