Good website design involves a combination of aesthetic appeal, user-friendliness, and functionality.

We champion clear and intuitive navigation as users should be able to find information easily and work their way through a website without any confusion.

Having our own in-house design studio gives us the edge when it comes to making sure a website is visually attractive. All our websites are designed to act responsively, and as people choose to use their mobile devices to go online, touch-friendly buttons, streamlined forms, and a layout that adapts well to smaller screens are a priority.

First impressions count, so prior to launch, all our websites are thoroughly tested across various web browsers, to make sure the function properly. We will show you how to compress images and videos to reduce loading times without compromising on quality. We also implement proper security measures to protect user data and maintain the integrity of the website.

It should go without saying that making sure a website is accessible to all users is a very important consideration. We take this seriously and work closely alongside our clients in this regard.

Most of our websites are developed with a Content Management System (CMS) which means that clients can update, add, and delete content whenever needed – giving them greatest level of control and flexibility, as well as avoiding additional costs. Our clients aren’t limited to just one CMS. Different platforms have different benefits – once we’ve understood your requirements, we can suggest the perfect solution for you.

When updates aren’t so frequent and the budget is at the lower end of the scale, some clients opt for a site without a CMS. Other clients may have specific platform requirements, and as we aren’t limited, we can accommodate this too. Our primary set ups include opensource, Linux-based solutions or ASP.NET, Windows server solutions, or a hybrid of both.

"It’s important to remember that good website design is a continuous process. We encourage our clients to regularly gather feedback from users, analyse data, and make necessary updates to keep the website fresh and user-friendly."

Sam Fletcher

Web Development Manager
All the added extras

Every client is different, and we never take the one-size-fits-all approach. We can suggest other functionality you might want, suggest options if you know what you need but don’t know how to achieve it, or if you have specific platforms you want us to integrate with.

From including a sophisticated social media widget and adding a members’ areas to communicating with an existing CRM, whatever you need we can work with you to create the best solution.

Financial support for your new website

Our team is fully accredited by the Isle of Man Government Department for Enterprise to work on projects which fall under the Department’s Business Improvement Scheme umbrella. We can help you to complete the application, which if successful, could expand your website budget significantly.

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We get a real buzz when we launch a new website.
Take a look at our portfolio:

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IOM Food & Drink Festival

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IOM Food & Drink Festival

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IOM Food & Drink Festival

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IOM Food & Drink Festival

Digital Isle of Man

Captive Insurance

Sight Matters


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PFM Peformance

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