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Advertising on board the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vessels provides the perfect scenario to connect with a captive audience travelling to and from the Island.


Passengers per annum



operating 4 routes

Brand new
Liverpool Terminal


Manxman Arrived


The Manxman is now in service, carrying a mix of local and visiting passengers on the Heysham – Isle of Man route. Without any doubt, The Manxman is the ‘jewel in the crown’ and the largest and most luxurious vessel ever operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. The increased capacity and comfort are expected to boost passenger numbers, particularly at peak periods, including the Isle of Man TT Festival and school holidays.

There are number of digital promotional screens positioned on board the Manxman, and there’s an opportunity for businesses, charities, and other approved organisations to advertise on them. In addition to a ‘regular’ digital advertisement, we would encourage video shorts/advertorials to introduce some variety and maximise the value of the advertiser’s investment. These might be ideal for recruitment or ESG messaging, or for demonstrating eco credentials – the scope is wide and varied. Manxman digital advertising screens are available on 12 months contracts, at £500 per month.

The Manannan joined the fleet in 2009, and it is a much loved and reliable method of transportation between the Isle of Man and Liverpool. The Manannan is operational between April and October each year, and the slightly shorter sailing time is particularly popular for day trips and special events in the UK.

There are over 20 poster sites of various sizes in key locations on board the Manannan. These are usually sold on seasonal contracts (over a period of 7 months) although some could be made available for short burst campaigns (subject to availability).

COMING SOON – New and exciting advertising opportunities at the magnificent Liverpool Terminal Building, due to open in 2024!

* Figures published Department of Infrastructure and correct as 31/10/2023.

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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
Advertising Site Plan & Rate Card
Isle of Man Harbours
Passenger Figures
  • What contract lengths are available?

    For the Manxman the standard advertising contract period is 12 months, but we have some flexibility to create a bespoke package that is ideally suited to your campaign goals and budget.

    For Manannan, we offer seasonal contracts over the 7 months the vessel is in service, from April to October.Short term contracts can be negotiated, e.g. for the TT Festival Period, but they are subject to availability.

  • Can the advertisement be changed or updated during the contract period?

    Of course, you can change your ad on board the IOM Steam Packet Vessels and/or the UK Passenger Terminals as often as you wish. We will upload the new digital advertisements, usually with 48 hours of receiving it, at no additional charge. For the poster sites we will provide you with a quotation for print and installation and send you a photograph of the new advertisement in situ.

  • What are my billing options?

    Isle of Man Steam Packet Company advertising is usually invoiced in advance on a monthly or quarterly basis, and payment is due within 30 days. Other options are available, just let us know your preference when contracts are being prepared.

  • How do we supply artwork?

    When we send you the advertising contract for signature, we will also confirm the artwork specifications for you to share with your designer or advertising agency. If they have any queries, we will readily assist.

  • We don’t have a designer; can you help design our ad?

    We have an in-house design team, and we would be delighted to work with you on a new advertisement for your organisation. To get things started, we would request a meeting to establish priorities, a timeline and budget. We would then submit an estimate for the design and some initial visuals for your consideration.

  • We need to withdraw from our contract, is there a minimum notice period?

    Yes, the minimum notice period will depend on the length of your contract, but it is clearly explained in the terms and conditions.


"We are delighted to have digital advertising options on board the Manxman, that will play a mix of ‘advertorial’ and display adverts. This unique promotional platform will be visible on all decks, and we can build an advertising package to include poster sites on board Manannan and inside the Liverpool Terminal Building."

Martin Norbury

Client Services Director

The advertising sites on board The Manxman and Manannan offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with a captive audience.

Manxman joined the fleet in 2023

One of the spacious passenger lounges on Manxman

Luxurious reserved passenger lounge on Manxman

Premium lounge on Manannan

Executive Club lounge

Manannan operates the seasonal Isle of Man - Liverpool route

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